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Block [I'm Brick - Let it Go]

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Block [I'm Brick - Let it Go]

[I'm Brick] blocks which can learn in playing and assess children’s Multiple Intelligences with Pure Korean Technology.

  1. Based on Standard child-care course by Korea’s National Early Childhood Curriculum (*Nuri Curriculum)
       *This curriclum made up 5 sections of Physical Exercise, Health, Communication, Social Relations, Experience of Art and Nature Research.
  2. Based on Dr.Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory
  3. All six sides of the blocks can be used to assemble things.
  4. Blocks are made with materials and colorants that are safe for children.
       Children will not be harmed if they bite or put the bricks in their mouth. (should not swallow)
  5. The foundation of the “I’m Brick” block experience is derived from the 3.5cm
       (The new Toy Safety Directive enforces high demands on safety performance, and we fully support this)

With 10 kinds of Bricks for fun with blocks, including a great variety of 7 colors and special elements such as wheels, joints and wings, your child will never run out of ideas.
Encourage your children to express unlimited creativity with [I'm Brick] blocks which has a revolutionary new concept for assembling blocks.

Blocks from the [I'm Brick] therefore fulfill all national and international requirements governing play materials, as a minimum. In addition to fulfilling all regularity requirements, the aim is for all products to meet the reasonable quality and safety expectations of consumers, taking into account design, habits of play and predictable misuse.

The [I'm Brick] blocks use ABS plastic.
This material provides the unique connective grip, high gloss and clolor stability properties of [I'm Brick] Products. All raw materials and products are tested in internal laboratories

We created "I'm Brick Education Program" to develop edu-cultural contents leading children to experience positive changes and intellectual growth.
"I'm Brick Education Program" Combines the unique, inspiring qualities of our blocks with subjects-specific tools and curriculum so classroom teachers can meet key learning objectives.

  1. Linguistic Intelligence
  2. Interpersonal Intelligence
  3. A Physical Exercise Intelligence
  4. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
  5. Intra-personal Intelligence
  6. Naturalistic Intelligence
  7. Spatial Intelligence

│ DESCRIPTION - 'Let it Go'│
After school Programs for kindergarten – ‘Let it Go’ Block Edu Program

Creativity development custom-built with organ on the basis of ‘NURI Process’, integral education program. Also, it is the best education program which we observe, follow, make creatively and present, cooperate and interact.

  • Based on Standard child-care course by Nuri curriculum
  • It helps children develop their multiple intelligence to the fullest potential.
  • Develops children’s Observation ability, Scientific research ability, Logical-mathematical and captivities.
  • Create a Big Project per class (once every 3 months)
  • Gift (large worksheet) for Parent participation class

'Let it Go' Block Edu Program (Teaching Materials)


'Let it Go' Block Edu Program (Activity Book)


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Block -I-m Brick - Let it Go-

Block -I-m Brick - Let it Go-

Block -I-m Brick - Let it Go-